Text: Translunar Academy. Image: in the foreground, a small space colony, with a larger rotating section and a smaller service module section, with three long radiator panels. In the background, the Moon (spaceside) halfways illuminated, with cities and railway tunnels between them.

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Welcome to the Ætherverse

a multimedia project by Winter

A century after the cataclysmic Earth-Space War between the colonies and the Earth Protectorate, most of the human population now dwells in space. People depend on technology for every moment of their survival, and machines depend on technopaths--Autistics trained from a young age and modified to interface with computers directly. These are their stories.

#Aetherglow, an interactive story

Our flagship story Ætherglow is updated frequently and directed by polls. To participate, just read the story and vote in the polls with each post to decide the fate of an Autistic femboy technopath in training at Translunar Academy.

All fiction and art on this site are published here for free. Follow with an RSS reader to be notified of new posts, or follow us on the fediverse.

see you in the æther!

pixel art drawing of the æthereal avatar of a young femboy with white skin, light blue eyes, and dark brown hair with blue highlights, surrounded by a pale blue aura, and facing a humanoid entity composed of darkness surrounded by a bright aura.