Winter is an Autistic trans lesbian Appalachian cyborg newtype girl, and a writer, musician, and artist. Winter's work is a celebration of neurodivergence, cybernetics, anarchy, and trans love in hostile places. Winter also writes about and organizes in Autistic self-advocacy as a founding member of Autistics United Kentucky and a reluctant member of the Kentucky Advisory Council on Autism. Winter is a system of six types of girl impersonating one dysfunctional humanoid.

pixel art of a white girl with long wavy dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, a cyborg girl with antennae attached to the sides of its head, wearing a black dress and leggings with a circuit pattern



she/her, it/its
system administrator
pixel art of a girl-shaped vampiric succubus with deathly pale skin and icy blue eyes, with straight black shoulder length hair, wearing thigh high black boots, a black skirt, a black corset, black wristbands, fishnet sleeves, and a black choker



pixel art of a pale white girl with long wavy black hair and black eyes, wearing a black dress with a belt, thigh high black boots, and grey leggings



she/her, it/its, fæ/fær
trauma holder
pixel art of a white girl with short blonde hair and light green eyes, wearing a pretty blue shirt and a blue skirt, and purple shoes with green socks



cute memories girl
pixel art of a tall butch enby with light skin, yellow eyes, and white hair shaved close on the sides and longer on top, with two parts around the sides of their face that are longer, wearing a black shirt with the sleeves cut off, thick camouflage-pattern pants, and brown leather boots



pixel art of a cute young Lunatic girl from Qianshi, with shoulder length thick unruly wavy black hair, light brown skin, and dark brown eyes, wearing a heavy red coat, grey leggings, purple shoes with light purple socks, and a little yellow flower in her hair, also wearing an external neural interface collar around her neck and a terminal strapped to her left arm, first year technopath candidate that she is




about this website

Translunar Academy is a facility for training technopath candidates located on a small colony in Earth-Moon L2 space. The academy and the colony are both property of the Cybernautics Corporation. Translunar dot Academy is a website on Old Earth, 21st century, where the author and Goddess of the Æther publishes fiction and artwork and runs interactive fiction with daily updates.

This website's software was developed by the Sparrow system. It was written in python. Eventually it will be refined into a more versatile open source software anyone could use. Thank you for all your hard work making this site possible, beloved Sparrows, I would be lost without you. Merci beaucoup aussi à l'Eva pour ta javascript qui fait mes histoires plus belles, l'æther ne pas serait la même sans vous.

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