Winter's Ætherverse Art


(words by Flower Travellin' Band)

text: there is no up or down // image: Aydan and Akiko, ætherside, merge into one mind in a technopathic synchronization // text: your truth is the only master // text: death is made by the living // image: the technopath æthercultist Unas compiles the exopath NULL as Aydan and Akiko are powerless but to watch // text: pain is only intense to you // text: the sun shines every day // image: surfaceside, Aydan and Akiko sit together at the pond by the world's edge on TLA. Beyond them behind glass and metal, the Moon (spaceside) is visible in a crescent phase, and underneath it the Sun // text: the sun shines every day

Avenge Tortuguita, Stop Cop City!

Liáo Saffron and Sabrina Salah deploy a banner from a building on Translunar Academy: STOP COP CITY! TLA to ATL Rest in Power TORTUGUITA


Text: NAKBA 310. Image: a girl with brown skin and long black hair with red and green highlights stands in New Palestine colony, holding the flag of Old Palestine. behind her, the Earth is visible through a window.

Lunar New Year

text: HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! // image: Lunatics Saffron SapphoOfLuna and Aydan Ætherglow celebrate in some Lunar colony looking out at the Earth near the horizon through the water barrier, dressed for night

International Women's Rights Day

Happy Interplanetary Women's Day! pictured: Sabrina and Saffron (Sappho of Luna), Rozenn and Hazel (Contact Binary), Akiko and 7 (Ætherglow) // background: best approximation Æther palette lesbian flag

Yuri's Night!

Aydan Ætherglow cosplaying Old Earth historical figure Valentina Tereshkova in a replica SK-2 space suit, having gotten itself into a replica of a Vostok 3KA spacecraft and discovered some kind of strange red Old Earth symbol.

ÆON Club

technopath candidates Aydan, Akiko, and Zeta up to no good at Translunar Academy

Saffron's Ætherflip

words by The Gathering

I will feel great without my weight pulling me down // Will I still feel myself when I hit the ground?

Emma's Ætherflip

words by The Gathering

I will feel great without my weight pulling me down // Will I still feel myself when I hit the ground? // an Emma is the smallest possible unit of time


words by The Gathering

Sappho of Luna promotional image in pixel art showing a DreamFlight LTS-6900 modular transport shuttle accelerating to orbit over Qianshi city, just west of that we can see the edge of the Montes Riphæus

Red Is A Slow Color

words by The Gathering

Æthereal scene where Saffron's avatar is falling towards a black event horizon, distorting all near it red. Her shell reads: /dev/null > cd .. [1] > _ // text: I am unfit... and I want to leap away... but when I do the red color comes after me... it is fierce and it moves slow... // Sappho of Luna

Saffron & Sabrina

Saffron and Sabrina in the TLA garden

Free Palestine!

Sabrina Salah (Sappho of Luna) in partial black bloc and carrying the flag of Palestine, she also has her hair highlights dyed red and green