Chapter 6

Ætherglow #103


“You don’t look so good,” you say. “It’s okay to rest sometimes.”

[7 liked that]

“I...guess so,” she says.

“Class is nearly over, regardless,” Professor Haze says, standing behind you and looking æthereal with their flowing sheer black skirt covering their reflective silver leggings. A master ObSpec technopath, you never hear them approaching.

“Professor,” you say.

“7 Star, you overcame Aydan’s defenses eight times, and never once were your own threatened, very well done, commendable even.”

She nods, looking to the floor.

“Aydan, instead of trying different approaches at random like a common EvoSpec, try to determine your opponent’s specific weak points. She may be talented, but everybody has a weakness.”

“Y-yes, professor,” you say.

“Your obfuscation technique is weak overall lately. Practice the fundamentals of security more before the midterm.” They look toward 7. “7, be careful you do not grow overconfident. The midterm is designed to make you unprepared. Rely less on your strength and try to be more fluid in your thinking.”

“Understood,” she says.

“Go on and leave for today, you are both overexerting yourselves. A tired brain learns nothing,” they say.

You stand up, still light-headed and battling a mild vertigo, and make your way to the exit.

2254-07-18 14:26:44 Aydan > out of class a little early, headed to the meeting spot

2254-07-18 14:26:58 明子 > I'll be a little late, Professor Reina is holding me up

2254-07-18 14:27:03 Zeta > meet you there!

As you reach the hallway, you and 7 go in opposite directions. She seems to hurry away.

1) try to say goodbye: 0 (0.0%)
2) give her space: 100 (100.0%)
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