Chapter 6

Ætherglow #108


“I don’t like being threatened and stalked by several cults!” you say.

“You don’t understand anything Aydan,” Synth says.

“Because you don’t tell me anything!” you say. “And then I see you with this Unas, creating an exopath to hunt me down…”

They sigh. “I’m trying to help you Aydan. I never wanted you to be involved in this at all.”

“Then help me understand what the hell is going on!”

“If I tell you anything you’ll only be pulled deeper into this, only be in more danger,” they say.

“I’m already in danger, don’t I deserve the choice?”

They back off from you and sit down on the wall at the roof’s edge. “Okay. I’ll tell you what I can. But, all of you, if you repeat any of this to anyone it’s only going to make things worse for Aydan, okay?” they sign.

“Understood,” Zeta says.

“Technopath silence,” Akiko signs.

“I don’t trust anyone who’s not standing next to me,” you say. “I won’t talk to anyone.

“What I want to know is…”

1) "Who is Unas?": 15 (15.0%)
2) "Who is the vessel of NULL?": 30 (30.0%)
3) "Who are you working for?": 15 (15.0%)
4) "Do you intend to help destroy ÆON?": 13 (13.0%)
5) "How did you sneak up on us like that?": 12 (12.0%)
6) "Is anyone besides me being targeted by these people?": 15 (15.0%)
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