Chapter 8

Ætherglow #152

You decide to trust the Electrical System, a more experienced technopath than you who probably won’t destroy Korolev City as a joke. You signal your interface to suppress the fear response in your mind and stay calm

In a few second, the missile diverts itself again and rapidly accelerates eastward before its propellant runs dry. The people around you point up at the star as it drifts away toward the horizon.

“Nothing to worry about, everyone, it is verified to be on an escape trajectory, just as we...intended,” the presenter says. But the investment display plummets as he glances over at it.

“No, it’s, it’s all just part of the demonstration,!” He falls to his knees, watching the line drop deep into a pit.

“What an embarrassment.” Lucien DeLune takes the stage, stepping in front of the presenter. “Entrusting something like missile guidance to some rudimentary program, what is this, the 21st century? There is clearly no substitute for a technopath.”

The display switches to show the stock value of Cosmosaïque Inc. It steadily climbs.

“If you need any proof, why not have our technopath candidate analyze the telemetry themself?” DeLune says.

A spotlight from above focuses on Électricité and you.

“You Earthside bastard!” The dejected arms dealer stands up. “You probably had your pet technopath sabotage the demonstration just to undercut us!”

“My company’s reputation speaks for itself,” DeLune says. “Which is more than I can say of yours.”

“I don’t care what your own candidate has to say. I’d like to hear from your competition.”

Iruma of the Cybernautics Corporation stumbles onto the stage, looking rather off balance. “Go ahead,” he says, slurring his speech a bit. “Our candidate can tell you exactly what happened!”

Électricité looks at you and shrugs. The desperate man behind DeLune looks into your eyes, holding back panic.

“Tell them what your æther eyes could see, Aydan!” Iruma says.

1) “I was watching. Whoever was flying the missile lost control. Luckily its automated hazard avoidance system seemed to override him. Close call.”: 2 (28.57%)
2) “He completely lost control if it, nearly killed us all! It was Electricity who saved us by diverting it away. There’s no substitute for a technopath.”: 2 (28.57%)
3) “It was completely off course, headed right for us! Luckily I was able to trigger its emergency failsafe remotely.”: 1 (14.28%)
4) “It’s like he says, it was all under control, wasn’t even really on an imact trajectory, a trick of the light through the water.”: 1 (14.28%)
5) “I didn’t really see anything, sorry.”: 1 (14.28%)
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