Chapter 9

Ætherglow #162

2254-08-10 14:38:19 Aydan > okay. maybe I can invite my new friend who I think is still in town

2254-08-10 14:38:27 Synthesis-03 > great, can’t wait to meet them

You sit up a little and take a sip of the water next to you. Then you open a new mental tab to message the Electrical System.

2254-08-10 14:38:45 Aydan > hey! if you’re still in town want to do something potentially interesting and/or dangerous the day after tomorrow?

2254-08-10 14:38:54 Électricité > sounds like our kind of thing but we’re already doing something with our partner that day, sorry!

2254-08-10 14:38:59 Aydan > oh well, it was a long shot I guess

2254-08-10 14:39:03 Électricité > then we’re leaving the city the day after, so we probably won’t see each other again, sorry Aydan!

2254-08-10 14:39:09 Aydan > it’s okay! have a great time together!

2254-08-10 14:39:12 Électricité > ^^

You fall back onto your hospital pillows. “Guess I’m on my own, then,” you say to nobody in particular.

2254-08-10 14:40:23 Aydan > do you ever feel like you’re all alone even when surrounded by people?

2254-08-10 14:40:24 ÆON > No. As my consciousness emerges from the same communication network all machines and humanoids use, noone is ever apart from me. I feel at all times surrounded by friends, enemies, strangers, people who wish to control me, and others who wish to be subservient to me. Loneliness sounds like an interesting experience to try.

2254-08-10 14:40:35 Aydan > ...maybe I asked the wrong person

2254-08-10 14:40:39 Aydan > hmm, ‘subservient,’ though, like someone whose job it is to protect me. Natali would keep secrets for me if needed, and it could be smart to have a normie with us, immune to cyberattack. that might be the sensible technopath thing to do here, if anything. thanks ÆON

2254-08-10 14:40:40 ÆON > I am happy I could help somehow.

You go back to message Synth.

2254-08-10 14:40:56 Aydan > my friend can’t make it...

1) > maybe it should just be the two of us: 3 (50.0%)
2) > ...but I could bring someone contractually bound to protect me: 3 (50.0%)
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