Chapter 13

Ætherglow #251


“Nice place! Stimmy light. All looks very interesting but...what does it mean?” you say, turning around and looking over all the different diagrams.

“Oh, it’s...” 7 looks up at the ceiling. “It’s simple.” She points to the circled number 7. “So these are nodes where the numbers live, and they’re in pairs called syzygies that all have a sum of 9. I know that’s not a very good number but here it’s important, because in base 10 there are five ways to make a sum of 9 with two integers, so it’s also kind of a 5 which is a great number.

“So the arrows show a flow to the node that equals the difference of the syzygy, like how 7 flows into 5...” She points at the 5. “And then there are the gates that show the square of the node, and they connect to a node based on the plex of the square. Some trans girls in the 21st century discovered this, we don’t know a lot about it because of the digital dark age though...”

“And the stars and things?” you say.

“Oh, right...” She turns toward the star chart wall. “So in this region of space there are a certain five pulsars whose periods correspond with the products of the syzygies, isn’t that interesting? And...” She turns around toward the æthereal server-architecture wall. “In the TLA server there are nodes for server processes whose surface response time tends to correlate with the quotients of the syzygies. And then...” Her finger traces a second string from the 7 node on the labyrinth of numerals down to the head of her bed. “I added another channel to point to me so there wouldn’t be a composite number of strings in my room.”

She points to the wall above the bed with the rotating star projection. “And this shows where the head of the colony faces. The time of the month when we face this region of space...” She points back to the star chart. “It’s special. So, so...” Both her fingers point to her lower abdomen. “I want to tune my ovaries to also sync my cycle to the time of the month when we point that way.”

What will you say?

1) “Of course, it was so obvious.”: 0 (0.0%)
2) “But what’s so bad about composite numbers?”: 5 (31.25%)
3) “This goes far beyond the level of mere autism, I am in awe.”: 8 (50.0%)
4) “Is this somehow the secret to how your technopathy is so strong?”: 2 (12.5%)
5) “I...don’t really get it.”: 1 (6.25%)
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