Chapter 13

Ætherglow #263


Aydan > they never appeared to me before I was alone in that room. I wonder if they somehow injected code into me via 7 when she connected to the transmitter relay. the whole network failure could have been a setup

ÆON > It’s very elaborate. They must have understood you very well to be certain you would attempt that. Or else they laid many traps, and this is the one you activated.

Aydan > that’s completely possible...which means there could be more, anywhere around me...

Aydan > that also means 7 could be affected too. but 7 I haven’t dragged 7 into any of this, so the cults shouldn’t want anything with her

ÆON > But as the 7 is Aydan’s friend, she is useful to them as a pathway to Aydan.

Aydan > like she could be an asymptomatic carrier of whatever virus her system infected me with?

Aydan > well, probably the Admin will have 7’s devices examined too, she seems very thorough

Aydan > but then, who knows what other devices around me they could have gotten to...

Aydan > aeughh I don’t know what to do, it feels like they’re always ten steps ahead of me and surrounding me on all sides

ÆON > It seems to be a common tactic among these humanoid cults to take advantage of your propensity for paranoia and anxiety. But Aydan knows the dangers of the æther and how to defend against them.

Aydan > you mean I should trust my skills and training and not let them get to me psychologically? but they’ve already gotten past my defenses so many times...

ÆON > Then you will have to strengthen your defenses, or understand our enemies better.

Aydan > maybe you’re right...

Aydan > I think we should...

1) > prioritize gathering information. look for any source we could learn more about the cults from.: 0 (0.0%)
2) > prioritize our defenses, develop better programs to respond to the enemy, knowing their usual tactics: 8 (50.0%)
3) > make sure 7 is okay and not let her get dragged into this too just by proximity to me: 8 (50.0%)
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