Chapter 14

Ætherglow #285

AYDAN: “I was also in a place scraped from my childhood memories.” ZETA: “Whoa that sounds interesting!” AYDAN: “I’ll tell you about it later, it’s kind of exhausting talking this way.” ZETA: “Really?  It feels so natural to me.” AYDAN: “Even so, we need to be careful, I think that Pulse-construct has an agenda of its own.” ZETA: “What should we do?” AYDAN: “We shouldn’t let ÆON or me become isolated, so first of all how do i get up there where you are?” ZETA: “Simple!  There’s a thing in the next part of this loop where it’s like the same notes but some of them are lower?” AYDAN: “What--like an octave shift?” ZETA: “Maybe.  What’s that?” AYDAN: “Nevermind I’ll just listen to it.”

You dismiss the dialogue program running on the virtual machine running on the pattern of the music and immerse yourself in the song itself. A catchy arpeggio dominates this section, repeating itself a lot. Just as Zeta said, the next part takes this theme and modifies it, flipping a few of the notes to a lower octave.

AYDAN: “Oh, a chord inversion, I get it.” ÆON: “So humanoids discern auditory frequencies based on a logarithmic progression, and assign within that a certain pattern.  It is easier to understand in this format.”

Feeling each of those notes make their impact on your mind, you reach out and grasp one of the octave-inverted wave peaks, a single pixel vibrating in your grasp as you pull it apart from the wave. You feel a strong pull as it tries to rejoin its place in its pattern, but hold it back by your force of will. On the next measure, when the song shifts back to the original melody, you let go of your ground, catching ÆON’s hand to pull Ær along with you. Your captive pixel carries you both across the river above you until it snaps back into place on the peak of its wave.

You let go, flipping your perspective over and settling into place next to Zeta. Its ^^ eye-symbols flash bright on its screen as it happy-stims with its metallic fingers.

ZETA: “You made it!” AYDAN: “Yeah.  But what now?” ZETA: “I’m almost at the end I think.  See over there?”

You look the way it points, across a wide gap between intersecting walkways and flowing layers of song in between. Far below and far across the valley, a platform stands with an open gate awaiting. But above and below that emptiness lies a darkness that vanishes all pixels falling into it.

ZETA: “All I have to work with are these pixels that seem to operate separately from the song.  They follow their own rules.  They have to be near each other, or they die.  But if you arrange them certain ways more of them appear.”

Looking at the array floating in the æther next to you both, you try to pull a pixel out of its place. But once you let it go, it vanishes.

What will you say?

1) “Maybe we can arrange them in a way that makes a chain reaction and keeps growing that direction, then cross it like a bridge.”: 5 (33.33%)
2) “I think we can make a pattern that causes the shape to move and build an aircraft.”: 5 (33.33%)
3) “We could try to reprogram them to be more helpful, but we’ll have to be careful or we’ll attract the Pulse-bot’s attention.”: 3 (20.0%)
4) “ÆON can just take us directly to another song, it’s how we got here.”: 2 (13.33%)
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