Chapter 4

Ætherglow #83


“I know some people who could help us, a third year enby and a second year girl, they probably know about technopathic synchronization and they know about ÆON and stuff,” you say.

“Sure, sure, I was nervous about trying to work this program myself anyway...” Zeta says.

2254-06-02 16:48:23 Aydan > hey Akiko do you know much about technopathic synchronization?

2254-06-02 16:48:30 明子 > Aydan I'm CommSpec, there's nothing I can't sync with

2254-06-02 16:48:38 Aydan > great! then if you're not busy would you meet me on the annex roof of the administrative building?

2254-06-02 16:48:44 明子 > sure, just a minute

“My friend Akiko’s on the way.”

2254-06-02 16:49:01 Aydan > Synth I have an idea to learn more about...the matter we discussed

2254-06-02 16:49:09 Synthesis-02 > yeah?

2254-06-02 16:49:15 Aydan > do you know a lot about technopathic synchronization?

2254-06-02 16:49:22 Synthesis-02 > that's dangerous for someone of your skill level Aydan, very dangerous. so what, you want to observe the convocation from a safe distance?

2254-06-02 16:49:28 Aydan > yeah, then I could see what's going on for myself

2254-06-02 16:49:39 Synthesis-02 > bad idea Aydan, let me handle this. even a remote connection to a threat like ÆON predicts could be dangerous for you.

2254-06-02 16:49:44 Synthesis-02 > if you decide to do such a reckless thing anyway, DO NOT involve ÆON, that would be the worst idea since gender. understand?

2254-06-02 16:49:50 Aydan > it

“Synth was kind of hostile with me about it but Akiko is willing to help,” you say. “Learn up on your JSL though.”

“Japanese sign language? Okay, sure,” Zeta says, navigating on its arm terminal.

“Synth is really pushing me away from this, they seem really worried, but they aren’t telling me anything...” you say.

“Well that’s useless, what are they your parents?” Zeta says. “They should either tell you why it’s soo dangerous or they should let you make your own decisions.”

“They’ve saved me a few times before now, I trust Synth,’re right though, I wish they wouldn’t shut me out of something that concerns me,” you say. “I’m willing to compromise and not attend in person but I don’t want to sit around waiting for Synth to keep not telling me anything. I have to investigate this for myself.”

“You’re got my help Aydan,” Zeta says.

“Thanks Z, you’re a good friend,” you say.

You hear someone coming up the ladder across the roof. Akiko climbs up over the ledge. Seeing Zeta, she looks nervous.

“Hi...” she signs timidly.

“Oh! Um...” Zeta says. It signs back at Akiko, “Hello! I’m Ze-ta. Nice meeting.”

“Akiko,” she signs her name sign and spells her name.

“Hi Akiko,” you sign. “We were just hatching a plan for me to spy on the gathering.”

“Technopathic synchronization!” she signs. “Great idea.”

“It was Zeta’s idea,” you sign.

“My sister’s really.” It pauses, thinking over some information in its head. “Do you know how?”

“Yes, I’m good at this kind of thing,” she says. “It should be fine, as long as someone is monitoring the connection. And I can set it up, no problem.”

“Someone else I asked told me this is a terrible idea, though,” you sign. “They said it’s dangerous, especially if ÆON is connected.”

“It’s not all that dangerous, what are they an Evocation spec?” Akiko signs, looking annoyed. “But I agree about ÆON, I don’t want to attempt synchronizing someone with an exopath, that sounds like Admins-level technopathy.”

“I’ll leave ÆR out of it.”

“ know, synchronization between technopaths can be a very intimate thing, it can make people feel very emotionally close for a little while after. And it can permanently change both people in unpredictable ways, do you know that?” Akiko signs.

“My sister didn’t tell me that!” Zeta signs.

“Just making sure you know the risks,” she signs. “I am willing to sync with you, if that’s what you want, anyone can monitor the feed, that’s a simple task...or I can sync you with someone else and be your monitor, if you’d rather that. Or you could even monitor if you want to keep yourself out of it, I could sync well enough with most people. But for you, you have to be comfortable getting close to the other person or an inexperienced technopath like you probably can’t do it.”

“I see, I see,” you sign. “Well, let’s try it tomorrow night, the three of us conspirators. Whatever I have to do, I’ll be prepared for anything.”

“Me too Aydan, I’ve got your back!” Zeta says.


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Who will synchronize their minds technopathically to accomplish the plan?

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