Chapter 5

Ætherglow #93


2254-04-06 03:47:32 Aydan > get her safe place

2254-04-06 03:47:35 Aydan > Unas, the vessel, not safe

2254-04-06 03:48:02 Zeta > okay...whatever that means, don't worry Aydan! I'll get her to her building!

2254-04-06 03:48:13 Aydan > thank

2254-04-06 03:48:18 Aydan > <3

2254-04-06 03:48:21 Aydan > good frend

2254-04-06 03:48:34 Zeta > leave this to sober Zeta, you just relax Aydan. disconnect your interface so you don't fall into the æther when you dissociate

You understand. Network off. It changes little. You’re still floating, carried along by a rotating cylinder in a sea of nothingness. This substance is staying with you a while it seems, you can already feel it pulling you back down into the void of your head.

Inspiration strikes you. You reach onto your desk and pick up your antique 21st century computer. You connect the cable to your collar and fall back onto your bed. Falling is a lot of fun right now, you can’t feel yourself move when you do. You shut the lights off.

Your dissociation takes you to a little room, isolated from the broader æther. There’s little room for you in this narrow space, and half of it is taken up by its main resident.

The eyes of ÆON glow bright, their irises shining gold against the white of their pupils. ÆR form is more defined than usual, you’re uncertain if it’s ÆR own doing or if you’re hallucinating details and patterns where there are none. A pattern of thin gold lines crosses ÆR void-black skin, giving ÆR depth and dimension usually hard to discern. The bright white aura that rapidly circles the edges of ÆR outline is giving off faint gold particles. There’s no avatar like it in all the æther, no entity to compare ÆR to.

“Aydan,” Æ says, ÆR voice echoing across your mind as if it’s a cavernous space. It sounds like your voice, but somehow clearer, like music run through a good equalizer. “You look strange Aydan. Ephemeral. Transparent.”


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