Chapter 5

Ætherglow #97


2254-06-04 10:34:13 Aydan > we should assume both of them are here at TLA, even if only for our own caution

2254-06-04 10:34:17 Zeta > NULL would apparently annihilate ÆON if they ever encountered each other, and obviously we want to prevent that, but what kind of danger do we think this poses Aydan zirself?

2254-06-04 10:34:18 ÆON > We are not directly connected anymore, and it would be possible to target me independently of Aydan, in the æther. But if we were attacked from the surface, it would likely target Aydan as a conduit.

2254-06-04 10:34:24 明子 > Unas said NULL would seek out both ÆON and ÆR messenger, so we should assume Aydan is being directly targeted here too

2254-06-04 10:34:29 Zeta > why Aydan, though?

2254-06-04 10:34:45 明子 > technopaths have a lot of different opinions about exopaths. there are those like this cult which want to worship and revere them, and in doing so make use of their power. there are those that deny their existence outright and still hold that artificial intelligence is impossible, that type might want to destroy something people call an exopath just to eliminate what they see as a harmful superstition. then there are those who do believe in exopaths, and despise them, see them as a terrible danger to humanity.

2254-06-04 10:34:52 明子 > Unas could be either the second or third type I think. if they were of the second kind, they might think Aydan is part of the Chosen of ÆON and want to eliminate xem for that reason. or if they’re of the third type, some of those types think minds who have encountered exopaths are tainted by them, forever changed into something inhuman, and want to eliminate them the same as exopaths

2254-06-04 10:35:01 Aydan > then there is Synth, I don’t know what their role in all this is, they protected me from the cult but it seems their real intent is to eliminate ÆON, although they didn’t seem to want to hurt me, I just can’t be sure…

2254-06-04 10:35:05 明子 > Synth is also the only person we know that might have information on Unas and the Vessel of NULL

2254-06-04 10:35:19 Aydan > they did nothing but help me up until now, but they were being very secretive the whole time… it wouldn’t surprise me if they would fall into the second category you mentioned, they seem to be the type that hates things like superstitions and religions. but maybe they wouldn’t be willing to go as far as to hurt me. but if they would, then they’re as much a danger as Unas

2254-06-04 10:35:25 Zeta > I also wonder if the cult is aware of NULL, I’m sure that even if they are also our enemy, they would try to stop NULL and Unas from destroying ÆON

2254-06-04 10:35:32 明子 > well that’s a few paths to pursue at least. how should we focus our efforts?

2254-06-04 10:35:39 Aydan > _

1) we should confront Synth, the four of us together could surely overpower a third year, and make them give us some answers: 0 (0.0%)
2) we should try to talk to Synth, without making ourselves vulnerable, but I still think they could be turned to our side: 100 (100.0%)
3) if the Chosen of ÆON knew about this threat, even being our enemies they would probably try to stop NULL, turning this from us against everyone into a three way fight. Ana could help with that.: 0 (0.0%)
4) we can't trust anyone, so we should keep this to ourselves and keep investigating it on our own: 0 (0.0%)
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