Chapter 6

Ætherglow #112


“I’d feel better if I understood why you’re so sure ÆON is such a danger,” you say.

Synth thinks about this. “I can’t make you understand something outside of your experience with words alone. Maybe a CommSpec could. But the EvoSpec way would be to show you directly.”

“Okay then, show me!”

“You might regret that decision,” they say.

“The way you dodge and evade Aydan’s every ask, you’d be better suited to the Obfuscation school,” Akiko signs.

“Fair enough,” Synth signs back to her. “It’s clear that y’all won’t just stay out of this.”

“Right,” Aydan says.

“I’ll show you. But not now,” Synth says. “We both have to focus on our exams now. After, when we’re back home in Korolev for break.”

“So you can catch hir all alone?!” Zeta says.

“No...” Synth says. “Because some things are best shown in person, and others in æther. Aydan will have its dissociative implant soon, assuming it passes the midterm.”

Akiko looks at you. “Do you trust them?” she signs.

“Despite keeping me out of the loop, Synth hasn’t failed to protect me when it came down to it,” you sign. “But…” You look back at Synth. “Can I bring my friends too?” you say.

“If you want, at least for the ætherside part. But any of you who choose to come, understand you might regret knowing the answer you’re asking for,” they say. “I’ll be in touch back on the Moon. I better not catch you sneaking around me again before that.”

With a sigh, Synth’s image dissolves into nothing before your eyes.

“Hey! What–“

“Look below the surface, Aydan.” You hear their voice from across the roof. They’re visible again, standing atop the ladder, and they slide down it out of sight.

“Gotta be so damn flashy,” you say.

“I can kinda appreciate it,” Zeta says.

“Well that was eventful. Let’s adjourn ÆON club for today, I better keep preparing for the exam...” you say. “Then I gotta prepare for whatever Synth has in mind.”

“If you want my help I’ll be there Aydan!” Zeta says.

“Me too, anytime,” Akiko signs.

“I’ll think about the best way to handle this and let you two know,” you sign.

“See you tonight, then!” Zeta says. “ObTech practice, right?”

“Yeah! Wouldn’t forget,” you say.

What will you do about Synth’s invitation?

1) I'll go alone, no sense putting these two through more of this if I don't have to: 0 (0.0%)
2) I want Zeta to come with me: 23 (23.0%)
3) I want Akiko to come with me: 27 (27.0%)
4) I want both of them with me: 50 (50.0%)
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