Chapter 6

Ætherglow #111


“I’m concerned that I’ll be attacked during the midterm exam,” you say.

“Yeah, that would fit the Chosen of ÆON’s pattern,” Synth says. “Still, it would be very difficult. Only you and the professors and Admins will know the time of your exam, and when it comes to exams, the Admins keep a close eye on the server.”

“Still...” you say.

“Yeah, technopath can’t be too cautious,” Synth says. “But, if you were hoping for backup from me, or from your friends, or anyone, we can’t. Interfering with an exam would get any of us expelled.”

“Then I’m on my own, huh.”

“You should project an echo that obscures your identity while you’re in the æther that day. And definitely don’t involve ÆON. It’s the exopath that both of these cults are really after. That’s my advice. Just think of it as an additional layer to the test’s difficulty you’ll have to prepare for.”

“Can you tell me anything about the test?”

“Can’t help you there either. It’s different every year, a little different for every student even. You have to be able to handle the unexpected in our craft. Not helpful, I know.”

“I’ll just have to be ready for anything, without ÆON’s help,” you say.

“So does that satisfy you? Going to stop trying to investigate me?” Synth says.

1) "I'd feel better if I understood why you're so sure ÆON is such a danger.": 100 (100.0%)
2) "Can you at least be more open with me then, share what you learn?": 0 (0.0%)
3) "Yeah I guess. I'll leave you alone.": 0 (0.0%)
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