Site Updates

Welcome to the Winternet

This is the home of Winter's fiction and art surrounding their cyberpunk stories in the universe of Sappho of Luna and Ætherglow.

This site remains a work in progress, but we have uploaded a few stories here to start with.

Ætherglow is our long-running interactive story, once hosted on disqordia dot space, and almost completely lost with a catastrophic server loss. We managed to pull together an archive of it from cached copies and we will be resuming the story here! First we are going to reupload the archive one chapter at a time. The first chapter is now available here.

We're releasing a new novella here, Contact Binary, in a serialized format. The first chapters are available now.

We have also released a new short story, Early Intervention. More new stories in the Ætherverse will be released in the coming months.

It would also be really helpful if you could go vote in our Test Poll to make sure our polling system is working for everyone before we start running Ætherglow polls again.