Site Updates

Updates 2023-01-15

We fixed some minor display issues on mobile. We are aware of a bug with the poll system where the cookie consent dialogue displays even where there is no poll, and selecting No on a page with no poll will cause a 500 error. We've been unable to fix this yet, sorry.

Sparrow our partner and webmaster has just had vaginoplasty and is recovering well! Any major technical updates are on hold until they are better. We're very happy for them and our people have won a great victory over nature this week!

We've added a donation link on the Contact page. If you would like to support the site upkeep costs and our costs of living, it would especially be appreciated while we are staying in another city for Sparrow's surgery recovery. If you can't or don't want to, that's fine too, the content we release here is all free as art should ideally be.

See you in the æther,