Chapter 7

Ætherglow #125

“I don’t know, something about that familiar was just unsettling,” you say.

[7 disliked that]

“5 is my friend...” she says.

“I didn’t mean--like, I understand, really. I’m sorry--”

“She does her best to make friends,” 7 says. “It’s hard.”

The construct 5 shift behind 7’s avatar, as if hiding.

“You are confused. Everyone is always confused.” She turns away from you and opens a gateway in the æther. “Let’s not waste time.” She enters the gate and 5 follows after her.

Now alone in the entry node, you try to refocus on the task at hand. You look out into the network to find the node ending in 450, and open your own doorway.

The routing function takes you to your target. It’s a local node like any other. Nothing stands out to you. You consider how to best proceed in searching a range of hundreds of addresses when you don’t even know what exactly you’re looking for.

You can think of a few possibilities:

1) Use a script to search each node for any trace of recent activity or passage by æther constructs.: 0 (0.0%)
2) Attune your senses to traces of Haze’s aura reflected in the ætherglow as you pass through the nodes, signifying recent technopathy by them.: 1 (33.33%)
3) Manifest your own familiar to expand your perspective as you look.: 1 (33.33%)
4) Call on ÆON for insight and support.: 1 (33.33%)
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