Chapter 7

Ætherglow #124

“Green, blue, kind of like our auras, maybe it’s meant to represent us? What if it’s instruction, not description? We’re meant to split up,” you say.

“Now you are overthinking more. But to approach a cooperative challenge by working independently, I like that. To play to our strengths in this situation would be to defy the parameters of the test. Exactly what an ObSpec like Haze would intend,” 7 says.

“Okay, let’s do it. I’ll give you my key and we can stay in contact.”


[Exchanged public keys with 7]

“Where to even begin our search...” you say.

“I have thoughts.”


“Green and blue also represent frequency ranges. Blue, 450 to 495 nanometers, green, 495 to 570. Assuming there is not also a mathematical puzzle to this--like converting to another number base based on the syllables of the poem or something, I have considered that--these ranges correspond well to node addresses in the local network.”

“Yeah, I think you’re onto something,” you say. “Well, those numbers conveniently meet up, so let’s start our search at the outer edges and work our way inward and meet up to compare notes.”

“Understood.” 7 turns and reaches out to the æther. “5,” she says, and in response a form takes shape from æther-space. You’ve seen this sort of program before, an autonomous construct, a technopath’s familiar, much like you and Akiko once manifested together. It adopts a humanoid pattern, in much the size and proportions of 7’s avatar, and formed of similar translucent liquid substance, but much darker, radiating a faint black aura. Making contact with its piercing black eyes, you feel a chilling shock echo through your mind.

“Well what is wrong? You feel confused,” 7 says.

1) “I don’t know, something about that familiar was just unsettling.”: 2 (66.66%)
2) “You can just tell what I’m feeling?”: 1 (33.33%)
3) “Oh nothing, I’ve just never heard you say so many words before.”: 0 (0.0%)
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