Site Updates

Site Updates: Announcing a Discord Presence

Discord: One partner said it was a bad idea, one partner said it was a good idea, one bestfriend said it was a good idea, so why not let’s try it. I’ve set up an official Ætherverse Discord space. If it goes badly we can delete it and it canonically never happened.

It’s a centralized place to promote story releases and art and such that’s accessible to more people than the current decentralized outreach of the fediverse and the RSS feed. It will not be the only place to get those updates and anyone can use the RSS feed or follow us on fedi or just visit the site, so there is no obligation to join such a community to participate in TLA, I wouldn’t want anything to be confined to a corporate platform like that. The SySpec in me also plans to set up a Matrix space and bridge them using a bot.

So if that interests you, here is an invite link

Contact Binary: It would normally be release day for the next chapter but it really is not ready, this one like the last one needed a lot more attention before I’m comfortable with calling it a final revision. So I will delay and release that in one more week. Afterward, the rest of the novella should be released more smoothly. Sorry for the delay, I refuse to release something that isn’t as good as it can be.

Site Updates: During this last week we (meaning actually our girlfriend) fixed the bug with the cookie consent form by removing it, as it was not necessary for such a non-invasive cookie anyway (all it does is enable the site to know whether or not you have voted, we can’t even so much as connect a particular vote to a particular session cookie let alone identify any users).

We’re aware of a bug with the RSS feed that causes an issue in at least one use case of one app, so we will work on fixing that at some point. I’d also like to be able to have more options like email updates. Things for future consideration.

Ætherglow will continue as usual later today when the previous poll ends. There’s always been a consistent schedule creep as a result of not being able to write the next post until the previous poll expires, and I don’t know how I could solve that besides either reducing the poll time or extending the release schedule.

Anyway, sorry for the long blog post, hope you’re having a nice day, and see you in the æther,

~winter-type-04 Winter