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Ætherglow Schedule Poll

Hello audience, it is winter-type-05 Emma <3

I would like to take a survey of our current readers about the Ætherglow schedule. Currently we are updating it almost every day and running the polls for 24 hours. The main problems with this are the schedule creep--due to taking time to write them, each post comes later in the day than the last, which makes it hard for me to build it into a daily routine of any kind, and might impact post visibility and such--and also that some of our ADHD readers have suggested checking something every day isn’t the most conducive format for them.

So I’d like to see what you think of a few alternative options to consider:


1) It’s fine as is, post dailyish at whatever time you write it: 1 (16.66%)
2) Update daily, but run a 23 hour polling window instead so the post time can be more consistent: 2 (33.33%)
3) Updating every other day with a 47 hour polling window would be more accessible for me(&): 3 (50.0%)
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