Chapter 11

Ætherglow #220


“The reactor core. If I have to kill me I’m taking everyone down with me,” you sign.

“...Fair enough,” Akiko signs.

“But that would destroy ÆON’s root device, they wouldn’t do that...well, if they even know it’s here,” Zeta signs.

“What’s the sign for the sarcasm tag,” you sign.

Akiko answers with a sign.

“Oh. Well being serious, the æther is definitely the place for them to strike. They already kidnapped me once that way. And it would be easy to cover up what happened,” you sign.

“Okay. That should be pretty workable actually,” Synth signs. “We just have to get you ætherside and make sure word spreads that you’ll be there at the time, so we can goad the cult into trying to ambush you, and then ambush them ourselves. We can ætherlock you to the TLA server so you can’t be captured again.”

“Sie could still be killed, though...” Zeta signs.

“I know, but, I just think it’s better to confront them on our terms than wait around for them to kill me. I’m in danger either way,” you sign.

“Well it’s your mind to make up,” Zeta signs. “I’ll do everything I can to protect you!”

“Me too!” Akiko signs.

“As the most experienced technopath here I think I should coordinate Aydan’s defense during the plan. If you two will do exactly what I say, we can keep Aydan safe,” Synth says.

“Understood,” Akiko signs.

“Agreed,” Zeta signs.

“Okay. Then you all can coordinate the ambush site and spread a rumor of it,” Synth signs.

“That shouldn’t be a problem, I was going to visit the colony’s rumor-mill anyway,” you sign.

“But what kind of premise would work for you being in the æther and it being like, a thing everyone wants to know about for some reason?” Zeta says.

“There are no exams coming up. I haven’t been invited to any more secret gatherings either,” you sign.

“Be creative, you can come up with something,” Synth says.

“Okay, what if...”

1) “...we hold a secret technopath æthertrip gathering of our own, and invite all the right people for word to spread.”: 0 (0.0%)
2) “...I challenge someone to a technopath’s duel, people would come and watch that I’m sure.”: 4 (50.0%)
3) “...I could be in the æther on That’s sure to spread rumors faster than light...”: 4 (50.0%)
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