Chapter 15

Ætherglow #297


“I don’t know much about this, but my friend might, I could ask what she would do,” you say.

“Sure,” Zeta says.

2254-11-07 14:23:00 Aydan > hey I have a question about synthesizers

2254-11-07 14:23:07 7 > yes.

2254-11-07 14:23:18 Aydan > okay so suppose you’re trying to use an external augment to defend against sound waveform attacks. what kind of analog filter or module would make sense?

2254-11-07 14:23:29 7 > a very interesting question

2254-11-07 14:23:34 Aydan > maybe a high pass filter or even just a compressor would work, what do you think?

2254-11-07 14:23:47 7 > they could. limiting the dynamic range alone would be pretty limited though, your opponent could still break your shield with the right frequency. even just limiting the frequency range wouldn’t sufficiently neutralize such a program. hmm.......

2254-11-07 14:23:59 7 > I would try something more interesting. it’s a little unintuitive conceptually but, suppose you used a ladder filter. it would change the shape of the waveform and the defender could modulate their shield that way. the attacker would pretty much have to know the cutoff frequency to be able to bypass it. it would take time to brute force past that, longer if you cycle the cutoff through a randomized set at a faster rate than the pitch frequency of the wave

2254-11-07 14:24:21 Aydan > could I do that in a simple analog module?

2254-11-07 14:24:29 7 > yes, you could do it with a sequencer.

2254-11-07 14:24:38 Aydan > I knew you were the girl to ask. thanks!!

2254-11-07 14:24:47 7 > no, thank you, it’s a good idea, I might add this to my own system defenses.

“She suggests using a...ladder filter and using a sequencer to...fluctuate the cutoff frequency through a randomized set, and then...focus our shields against that resulting sound texture pattern.”

“...Fascinating! You have such interesting friends,” Zeta says.

“Well yeah, I live at TLA,” you say.

“If nothing else it certainly sounds fun to build. Want to help me with that today?” it says. “It might take a long time to get it working as intended, though.”

Want to help?

1) “Yeah, sounds great. The sooner we develop defenses the better.”: 1 (12.5%)
2) “Sure, I’ll help. Together we’ll be unstoppable!”: 4 (50.0%)
3) (Lie) “Sorry, I had other plans tonight actually.”: 3 (37.5%)
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