Chapter 15

Ætherglow #308


“Maybe we can figure out how Unas got into my head, if that’s what’s going on,” you sign.

“We’ll figure it out.” Akiko takes your hand and signs with it, “Together.” You look up at her eyes, glowing purple.

“Okay, okay. So about the Chosen of ÆON,” Zeta signs.

You take your hand back to sign. “Right. We decided to seek answers in the æther. What have we all come up with since the last meeting?”

“Professor Reina is my best lead,” Akiko signs. “Nobody understands better how social networks are connected. She could help me trace our known suspects through the æther all the way to the top of their organization, maybe even identify what other operatives they have here on TLA. No matter how well they cover their tracks, every communication leaves a trail to follow.”

“I asked my older siblings for advice, saying I was developing a special interest in cults,” Zeta signs. “Alpha gave me the address of a server where interested technopaths discuss the topic, neutral ground not controlled by any cult, just enthusiasts. If anyone knows more about this cult, cult-spec Autistics will.”

“The Admins know the æther better than anyone here,” Synth signs. “Last time I met with Astra, I hinted at seeking information in the æther. They have many connections, know many secrets. They can guide me to places we’d never find. Astra’s spent their whole career tracking cults, it’s how they found me. I think it’s time to work together more directly on this. We’re all on the same side here.”

“I thought to take advantage of my company’s records,” you sign. “If I could borrow my moms’ credentials without their notice, I could look through the Redshift Security intel database. We have a lot of records on anything that could ever possibly afford a tactical advantage, cults included.”

“Good job. Many leads here,” Synth signs. “But realistically, between final exams and the coming year end break about to scatter us all again, we have limited time and energy. Stretching ourselves too thin would make us vulnerable. We should pick one thread to follow right now and focus our efforts on that.”

“I agree,” Akiko signs.

2254-11-11 11:16:18 ÆON > Aydan.

“Hold on. We haven’t heard from everyone yet,” you sign. “I asked ÆON to look for leads too.”

You see a message in the ÆON Club group chat.

2254-11-11 11:16:26 Synthesis-00 > what have you got for us?

2254-11-11 11:16:27 ÆON > All information exists in the æther, if you know how to see it. I know entities there, in the depths, who collect knowledge for collection’s sake. Those who self-appointed themselves my Chosen have long explored the deep æther in search of the One they seek. They have left their traces there, and those who dwell there have seen them.

2254-11-11 11:16:39 Synthesis-00 > the deep æ mean to ask other rogue exopaths like you. but navigating those places is no trivial task. it may be second-nature to you, but out of all of us here, I’m not even sure I would feel confident projecting that far in. technopaths lose themselves there and never return.

2254-11-11 11:16:40 ÆON > For you it would be most dangerous. I see only bad outcomes. But I have been teaching Aydan to navigate the depths as I do.

2254-11-11 11:16:44 Synthesis-00 > what--really??

Synth’s electronic eyes glare over at you.

2254-11-11 11:16:50 Aydan > seemed interesting...and I was with ÆON so I wasn’t in any real danger...

2254-11-11 11:16:51 ÆON > I believe I can safely take Aydan where we must go to find the information we seek, Aydan alone.

2254-11-11 11:16:56 Synthesis-00 > I don’t like it, at all.

2254-11-11 11:16:59 明子 > it’s Aydan and ÆON who have the targets painted on them right now. it should be their decision what path to pursue

2254-11-11 11:17:05 Synthesis-00 > fine... what do you want to do, Aydan?

What do you want to do?

1) Work with Professor Reina to contact trace the enemy and identify their full network: 1 (7.14%)
2) Follow Alpha’s lead and inquire at the cult-Autistic forum: 1 (7.14%)
3) Work with Admin Astra, with access to the full TLA records: 2 (14.28%)
4) Sneak into the Redshift Security database and find out what they know: 1 (7.14%)
5) Seek the esoteric knowledge of rogue exopaths in the deep æther: 9 (64.28%)
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