Chapter 15

Ætherglow #309


“I trust ÆON. I’ll go with Ær to the deep æther and learn what we can,” you sign.

“You be careful,” Synth signs. “Do not get separated.”

“We’ll synchronize,” you sign.

“You can do that?” Synth signs.

“Sure, we’ve done it a few times. It comes really natural to us,” you sign.

“Must be a consequence of ÆON being rooted in your own system for a while,” Akiko signs.

“I’ll be careful. Don’t I always?” you sign. “Well mostly.”

“Well, you two have your mission. It’s best that nobody else know the details,” Synth signs. “You will be vulnerable there, and the last thing you need is the cult finding out, so the less loose ends, the better.”

“Okay. I don’t tell you when exactly I’m going, then,” you sign.

“Be careful, though. There are about six weeks left in the semester. All signs point to one or both of the cults planning something soon,” Synth signs.

“Does Admin Astra know anything?” Akiko signs.

“No, not that they’ve told me, anyway,” Synth signs. “The cults have technopaths very skilled at obfuscation if they’re evading the notice of Admin Astra. It’s worth taking seriously Unas’s claim of being as strong as our Admins, even if it’s a bluff.”

“Final exam is what I’m most worried about,” Zeta signs. “Aydan will be all alone, and none of us can interfere if something happens.”

“The Admins are aware of that, and will be on high alert during Aydan’s exam,” Synth signs. “But still, do not let your guard down.”

“Of course I won’t. The exam itself will be hard enough,” you sign. “They might strike before that, though, there are still six weeks.”

“We’ll all stay on guard,” Synth signs. “You have enough to deal with, Aydan.”

“Right, my intensive therapy session, and my mission,” you sign.

“Give yourself adequate time to prepare for each,” Akiko signs. “I’ll be available almost anytime before finals, so which do you want to do first, Aydan?”

Which do you want to do first?

1) “Synchronize with Akiko and explore the depths of my mind.”: 7 (46.66%)
2) “Ætherwalk with ÆON and explore the deep æther.”: 0 (0.0%)
3) (Lie) “I’ll wait on my mission with ÆON until after I’ve done my therapy with Akiko.”: 8 (53.33%)
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