Chapter 4

Ætherglow #74


“Okay sure,” you sign.

[Akiko liked that]

“Great, here, take this entopherocanister--”


Professor Reina hands you a small cylindrical device with an opening on one end with a faint light radiating from inside. “Just press this button and the device will release the sweet scent of concentrated flower nectar no pollenating insect could resist--I can hardly resist it myself. Then release to seal the chamber again when your captive has passed the polarized plasma valve and seal it inside. Don’t worry, it is a quite comfortable environment.”

“Isn’t this a little extravagant?” you sign.

“Yes, but it was so fun to build,” she signs, and hands Akiko an identical device. “Good luck! And have fun.” She leaves you.

Resting the device in one of the larger pockets of her uniform, Akiko frees up her hands. “Isn’t she the coolest?” she signs and follows with an excited stim.

“She sure is interesting,” you sign.

“Do you mind if we just speak telepathically? It’ll be hard to sign and hunt insects,” she signs.



[exchanged public keys with Akiko]

You receive a message in your head.

2254-06-01 16:05:22 明子 > let's go!

You follow her out into the field of flowers just as night falls. Seconds later, the field comes to life with light as all of the bioluminescent insects here take flight.

2254-06-01 16:07:58 Aydan > it all kind of looks blue to me...

2254-06-01 16:08:12 明子 > well how do you think I feel? let’s just approach this like technopaths

2254-06-01 16:08:18 Aydan > hmmm, what if... _

1) use your interface to apply a color filter to your visual perception, desaturating all but a narrow range of freuencies: 100 (100.0%)
2) use your interface to execute a simple script alerting you when you see a narrow differentiation in color that your eyes might see but your mind might not notice: 0 (0.0%)
3) focus instead on your auditory perception, use your interface to apply a filter to focus on the sound shape of the buzzing of a bee, taken from a recording in the school computer: 0 (0.0%)
4) use your interface to identify the types of flowers most preferred by this insect species to narrow your search: 0 (0.0%)
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