Chapter 4

Ætherglow #75


Using the neural interface, you run your organic visual feed through a program filtering out all colors except a narrow range, then feed it back into your perception. Keeping a flexible control over that variable, you realize you can intuitively adjust your color focus now. A whole new sense has opened up to your mind.

2254-06-01 16:10:40 Aydan > I applied a color filter to my actual vision! I never thought of using the interface this way!

2254-06-01 16:10:52 明子 > there's all kinds of stuff you can do with that. obfuscation school technopaths like to use that kind of thing on other people to make them perceive illusions

2254-06-01 16:11:04 Aydan > what specialty path are you on?

2254-06-01 16:11:12 明子 > me? Communication school, under Professor Reina's guidance!

2254-06-01 16:11:20 Aydan > I wonder which one I'll choose next year...

2254-06-01 16:11:26 Aydan > actually I don't know why I bother thinking of it, my family will probably expect me to pursue the Administration school

2254-06-01 16:11:31 明子 > I didn't take you for the private tuition type

2254-06-01 16:11:40 Aydan > I suppose you're military

2254-06-01 16:11:47 明子 > like most kids here

2254-06-01 16:12:00 Aydan > actually it's both ways for me. my family are board members for Redshift Security, it was decided I would be a ranking officer in the Redshift forces before I was born

2254-06-01 16:12:12 明子 > how opposite, yet not too different an outcome. there’s nothing for me back on 当たら千葉, and signing on to DeepSpaceOps was my only way out of a bleak future

You stop suddenly.

2254-06-01 16:12:18 Aydan > DSO! oh, I guess technically we are at war...

Akiko stops and leans back against a large boulder in the middle of the flower garden, in the shade from the emerging sun.

2254-06-01 16:12:25 明子 > Asteroid Ida, yes. contracted by two rival mining companies...but that's a long way from here, and that will be over by the time I graduate next year, I hope

2254-06-01 16:12:38 Aydan > I hadn't given it much thought...everyone I meet here could someday be someone I meet in battle...

2254-06-01 16:12:44 Aydan > _

1) I don't want to see you as an enemy someday...I'd never want to hurt someone so gentle and nice, and pretty: 0 (0.0%)
2) if we are destined to be enemies, may our battle be swift and decisive!: 0 (0.0%)
3) the present is what matters today, no sense dwelling on eventualities: 100 (100.0%)
4) anyway, weren't we supposed to be catching bugs?: 0 (0.0%)
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