Chapter 4

Ætherglow #78


2254-06-01 16:34:10 Aydan > you're the third person to invite me to this thing, why don't we all go together? all four of us

2254-06-01 16:34:22 明子 > oh, sure, if that's what you want, sure

2254-06-01 16:34:28 明子 > okay then, at 2254-06-03 22:00:00 let's meet...there's a corridor down in the wall that connects the first and second year residences. I'll show us the way from there.

2254-06-01 16:34:35 Aydan > you've never been to one of these and you know the way so well?

2254-06-01 16:34:41 明子 > I know the tunnels well, and every other place that's quiet, and isolated, and small

2254-06-01 16:34:48 Aydan > if you like cramped spaces and loneliness you'd love the Moon

It’s coming into view now in the glass segment at the edge of the concave horizon. Looks the same as it ever did since you left it, pale grey, the dark spot of your Mare Moscoviense in the northwest, the Leibnitz and Von Karman craters in the south. Ironically, Akiko must have seen more of the Moon than you have by now, coming from L3.

2254-06-01 16:34:57 明子 > you Lunatics always complain about it, yet I always catch you staring longingly at it anyway

You break your gaze away from Luna only to glance over and make contact with Akiko’s eyes. She looks away to stare at the rising Moon instead.

2254-06-01 16:35:13 Aydan > we all have a complicated relationship with her

2254-06-01 16:35:29 Aydan > it's hard to make colonials understand. your world was handcrafted to be a paradise that provides everything people need. whether it actually is or does is another thing, I know. but we come from the desert of all deserts, somewhere we were never ever meant to live, yet we do anyway. each breath and each drop of water at a cost

2254-06-01 16:35:35 明子 > I'd like to go there someday though, at least once. feel true gravity

2254-06-01 16:35:43 Aydan > come to Korolev, I'll show you all three of the sights

2254-06-01 16:35:49 明子 > I'll remember that offer

2254-06-01 16:35:55 明子 > but for now I better take these bees back to Reina, while she's still in the lab

You hand her your container, with its three little glowy insects, and sign to her with your now-free hands, “See you the day after tomorrow, then. Thanks for the...insightful lesson in cybernetics theory, I guess.”

After shoving the canisters into the deep pockets of her purple dress, she signs back, “See you saturday!” She turns and leaves, seemingly in a hurry.

Now you have the rest of your day to yourself. Maybe you’ll check in with the others and make plans, you think. Or you could see if you can learn more about this mysterious gathering you’ve agreed to attend.

What will you do?

1) finalize plans with Zeta and Vik: 0 (0.0%)
2) see if Synth knows anything about this: 0 (0.0%)
3) try and see if Ana knows something: 0 (0.0%)
4) talk to ÆON about it: 50 (50.0%)
5) enough social, time for alone: 50 (50.0%)
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