Chapter 4

Ætherglow #77


You decide the task at hand demands your attention, the reputation of all femboys is at stake!

You close in on your prey as the sun rises. It lands on one of the little yellow flowers surrounding you. But when you open the device in your hand, it finds its scent far more attractive. Just as easy as the first one. There is another nearby. Catching it goes just as smoothly. Now there don’t seem to be any more around you, wherever you look.

After the next sunset, you keep wandering around looking for more flashes of blue in your greyscale vision. Eventually you run into Akiko, looking triumphant.

2254-06-01 16:32:01 明子 > how'd it go?

2254-06-01 16:32:08 Aydan > I caught... 3

She holds up her container, with its little LED display facing you, showing a number: 13

2254-06-01 16:32:18 Aydan > WHAT 13?! I couldn't see any more at all...

2254-06-01 16:32:24 Aydan > how???

She points up above your head. You turn around to see a tall metal pole.

2254-06-01 16:32:38 明子 > the watering system, as this colony is much too tiny to have actual weather or anything. it's connected to a lab module that Reina uses to fertilize the garden with essential nutrients. but even a second year technopath candidate like me could easily take control of that system and produce anything she wants, like, the formula these little devices a girl could always just...send a command to the lab and then activate just one of the sprinklers for a moment

2254-06-01 16:32:59 Aydan > an unfair contest, you know all the secrets

2254-06-01 16:33:07 明子 > there are no fair contests of technopaths, Aydan, information is a weapon to be wielded

2254-06-01 16:33:13 Aydan > right...

2254-06-01 16:33:18 明子 > I am supposed to help train the first years after all

2254-06-01 16:33:26 Aydan > so, what is it you win from me exactly?

2254-06-01 16:33:31 明子 > oh, well, um

She looks away from you, doing a nervous stim with her hands.

2254-06-01 16:33:36 明子 > how about going someplace with me this saturday?

Something about this is strangely familiar.

2254-06-01 16:33:43 Aydan > wait saturday? where exactly?

2254-06-01 16:33:49 明子 > a secret gathering! happens here every so often. we go down into some rarely traveled maintenance room, faculty none the wiser. anything can happen in a technopath gathering, they say...I've never been to one, but everyone says it's fun

2254-06-01 16:33:55 Aydan > but you've been here for a whole year longer than me

2254-06-01 16:34:02 明子 > yeah, I just haven't really had a lot of friends or anything I guess...but um, it's okay if you don't want to go, really

2254-06-01 16:34:10 Aydan > _

1) sorry, I was already planning to go with someone: 0 (0.0%)
2) sure, I'd love to go with you!: 0 (0.0%)
3) you're the third person to invite me to this thing, why don't we all go together?: 100 (100.0%)
4) this thing is pretty sketchy, I'm a little concerned about it...: 0 (0.0%)
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