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Text: Ætherglow - an interactive story - by Winter.  Image: title imposed over a pixel art drawing of Earth's Moon (spaceside), with many Lunar cities and the railways between them visible, over a background of a green radial gradient effect


an interactive story

You are Aydan of Luna, a technopath candidate at Translunar Academy. A queer Autistic cyberpunk YA narrative about friendship, artificial intelligence, and the necessity or futility of self-determination. Aydan's fate is in your hands!

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Отблески Эфира: интерактивная история за авторством Винтер

Отблески Эфира

интерактивная история

перевёл Миндраж

Text: Contact Binary - an asteroid story - by Winter.  Image: A pixel art drawing shows a cargo loading mech in flight in space, making a translation maneuver as jets of compressed gas blow from its reaction control thrusters.  Inside its spherical cockpit two girls can be seen.  A girl with albino white skin and hair and pale blue eyes wearing a dark purple coat with many patches holding it together, reaches out to touch the controls of the craft.  The other, with brown skin and electronic pink eyes, with pink LEDs in her skin and hair, reaches out to stop it from touching anything.  In the background is a large asteroid with an elongated shape in shades of grey and brown.

Contact Binary

an asteroid story

A novella. Rozenn, a corporate technopath from the Earth-Moon system on a dangerous mission alone in the asteroid belt, must work with the only technopath available for hire--Aze, the trashiest uncertified amateur on asteroid Ida. A lesbian story.

Text: Short Stories - by Winter. Image: pixel art drawing of a girl with pale white skin, long wavy black hair, and black eyes, holding a piece of paper and writing on it, while next to her is a tall stack of papers

Short Stories

Other stories set in the Ætherverse.