Chapter 4

Ætherglow #76


2254-06-01 16:12:48 Aydan > the present is what matters today, no sense dwelling on eventualities

2254-06-01 16:13:02 明子 > right. all I can do now is become a great technopath. the Communication School will make me more useful to the company off of the battlefield, anyway. maybe you should consider that when you make your choice. and remember, it’s YOUR choice.

Before you can reply, a flash of color catches your eye, against the grey field fulling your vision–an insect in flight, too big to be one of the fireflies. You chase it into the field and open your containment device. The sweet scent is powerful even to your human senses. Your target cannot resist it and flies right into your trap. Success.

2254-06-01 16:13:32 Aydan > I got one!!

Akiko catches up to you.

2254-06-01 16:13:39 明子 > good use of eyes!

2254-06-01 16:13:46 明子 > well I'm not about to be outdone by a first year femboy, I'll catch my share too

2254-06-01 16:13:50 Aydan > we'll see about that! maybe Earth insects have some special affinity with femboys

2254-06-01 16:13:58 明子 > no, that's definitely with trans girls, Reina proves it

2254-06-01 16:14:06 Aydan > I'll prove the value of enby femboys!

2254-06-01 16:14:12 明子 > then in that case, whoever catches more should get some kind of reward

2254-06-01 16:14:20 Aydan > what kind??

2254-06-01 16:14:27 明子 > we shall see. good luck!

She goes chasing after something. She must have seen one that eluded your notice. But you catch sight of another more distant one and head that direction, walking slowly to not scare it off. You meanwhile remember you had other strange unanswered questions in your inbox. Both Vik and Zeta invited to some ambiguous meeting at seemingly the same time.

Should you inquire further?

1) message Zeta back: 0 (0.0%)
2) message Vik back: 0 (0.0%)
3) focus on the task at hand, the reputation of all femboys is at stake: 100 (100.0%)
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